Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I've been back in the States for eight days now, and I am just now realizing how much I am recuperating from my stay in the Middle East.  On the long list of changes that I have undergone in the last week, here are some of the most notable ones:

1.  There is humidity in the air, which means

2.  That my nose isn't perpetually caked with dry snot.  I remember what a normal nose feels like.  It feels fine.

3.  I can go outside for longer than ten minutes during the daytime and not burst into flames, which means

4.  I can exercise more!

5.  I am reintroducing myself to foreign, colorful items known as fresh vegetables.

6.  I can be inside without having to endure the constant hum of an air conditioner.  Being indoors when it is quiet = relaxation.

7.  Tacos!

8.  Customer service!

9.  I'm not completely isolated from humanity!

In return for those benefits--and many more--I have given up music and movie Internet piracy and a tax free income.  It has been a good tradeoff thus far.  After another week or so of relaxation, it will be time to make job-searching my new job.

Tomorrow I leave for South Dakota for a week.  I look forward to playing some live poker.

Oh, and Chapter 40 of Quincy is finally available here.  He'll soon either be dead, imprisoned, or playing in the Main Event.  I'll let a three-sided coin make that decision for me.