Friday, May 3, 2013

Interesting Day for Quincy

If you're interested in checking out some new music, I made a post earlier today--the post right before this one--where I mentioned four new albums, at least one of them worth checking out.

Also, because I finally had some free time, I figured I would check out the Quincy Capers blog and maybe add a chapter.

I added that chapter, number 35, which basically means that there are 15 to go.  This one is mostly about Quincy playing poker in the limit tournament at the WSOP.

After I was done, I checked the stats for that blog.  Basically, my stats for that blog amounted to about 1,000 total views since I started the thing in February.

So it sort of blew my mind when I saw that the total view were 990.

That didn't seem right.  After all, I was sure that I had more than a thousand views.

I don't know what happened next.  Life intervened.  Anyway, I was away from the computer for a few minutes.  When I came back I saw that same number again . . . 990.  And I knew it wasn't right.

So I clicked refresh, and the new number was 1,074.

And that didn't seem right either.

Then I realized that these were the page views for today.

Somehow, today I got more page views on my Quincy Capers blog than I had received for the last three months combined?

It didn't take much effort to find the culprit.

It's amazing how many people frequent that site.

This has happened to me exactly two times in the past, yet never to this degree.  What will happen tomorrow is that the page views will return to normal.  And my blogger stats will forever remember the day of The Spike--where readers came, skimmed, and dismissed.


  1. I'll be reading through that thread here soon even though I never go onto 2+2 no-mores.

  2. Ok - still reading some of the 4 stuff -

    Taking a blog off line because of a cease and desist letter - awesome.

    Why you banned on 2+2? I'd love to hear this.

  3. i can't believe i never read this back in the day. but this will be my opening gambit with canteen girl

    The fake #1 is "I'm embarrassed about this, but I'd like to meet you."

  4. Those old 2p2 posts were the product of lots and lots of Fat Tire.