Saturday, June 29, 2013

Heading Home

After one of the busiest months of my life, I'll be leaving back to the States on July first.

Contract is finished.  Goal has been achieved.

I'd say it's really nice to be at this point . . . but it isn't, not yet.  Not till I have my bags completely packed and loaded onto the plane, where I can buckle myself into my seat and realize that there is truly nothing left to do except watch movies until I arrive in Chicago.

I miss good pizza.  I miss Mexican food.

I already know how Quincy finishes, yet I still have 11 chapters to go.  I'll be working on that on the plane and after I arrive, when I should have tons of free time.

Quincy has been a real learning experience.  It's difficult to sustain Quincy's brand of insanity for 50 mini chapters.  Despite the lulls, I hope you've enjoyed it.

I hope there are good flights on the plane.

1 comment:

  1. I've enjoyed the ride and I hope that you do another one as well.
    I've been trying to brainstorm my own version of at least a story in serialized form that is...

    Have a great flight and welcome back to the states sir