Sunday, May 19, 2013

Album Capsules--No Joy

Got a bunch of albums downloaded recently that I haven't had time to listen to, and today is the first day of relaxation that I've had in a while.  Things get hectic when you're getting ready to stop working abroad and return home.  The university's human resources department has a bunch of hurdles to leap through.  Then you've got to sell all of your shit.  Those things alone would make things busy enough, but now this semester has become my busiest, with by far the most work.  But enough whining . . .

No Joy

Wait to Pleasure


If you're a fan of My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Lush, or any other major shoegaze band, or if you're a fan of noise pop, or if you like music that gives you a reason to feel miserable, or if you just like to weep for no reason at all--say, in the pasta aisle at the local grocery store--then you'll probably enjoy this album.  Hello, reverb.  Welcome, distortion.  Atop this ocean of sound, you can occasionally try to make out a word or two of Jasamine White-Glutz and Laura Lloyd's vocals.  "Prodigy," below, is the closest thing to a pop song that you'll find on this album.  This is the kind of insecure, morose album that doesn't seem to mind being background music.  I like it.

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