Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Idea for Oddsmaking

M.Prosk made a comment recently which sounded like a solid idea.

in response to Your odds making sounds like fun, but I think maybe we could take this a step further. Maybe you could set a line on how many times grrouchie can leave the seat up in one month and keep his lady friend. Or, complete x amount of video games in one month and so on. What say you grrouch? Could we have a little fun with this?

Yes, sounds good.  And grrouch sounds like the perfect victim guinea pig participant.  I'm open to ideas, in addition to the ones given.  Grrouch, what's your favorite soda?  A monthly over/under could work.

Or a simple prop bet called "Grrouch thinks," which imitates the "Johnny Lodden Thinks" game, described below by wikipedia.

Lodden's name is associated with the game "Lodden Thinks" in which two bettors place bets on what a third party thinks the answer to a given question is. For example, the third party will be asked how old he thinks a particular person is or how much a particular item costs; before revealing his answer however, the two others will place bets on what they think the third party's answer will be. This game was invented during the World Series of Poker Europe when Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari played the game, with Johnny Lodden as the third party.

So that could work.  Player A says, "How many cans of mountain dew does grrouch think he'll drink during the next week?"

Then the bidding process begins.  Player B bids 4, Player A ups the bid to 6, B goes to 8--and then A stops the bidding (thereby taking "the under").  Then we ask Grrouch how many mountain dews he thinks he'll drink next week.  If he says, "Ten," then B wins (because he's got 8 or more).

I think I have that right.  Do I have that right?

Anyhoo, M.Prosk's comment led me to his profile, which led me to his blog, which I hadn't noticed before.  And the most recent post is about an eclectic variety of music (!!), some of which I'd heard--Hot Chip, Dan Deacon--and some of which I have to check out: Die Antwoord, DeadMau5, Pepe Deluxe, and Brazilian Girls.  So I've got some fun work cut out for me.

Aside from that, My Bloody Valentine released an album recently.  Their last album, Loveless, an instant classic, was released in 1991.  Yes, that's right, this band waited 22 years between albums.  And now I have a copy.  Tonight will hopefully be some fun listening.


  1. I'm down with whatever game it is that you all devise for me to take place in.
    I'll be your Chuckleberry or whatever.

    I missed Prosk's replay to the other topic so I'm glad you brought this back up.

    Let me know where we are going with this so that I can examine the final decision and also blog about it. It will be like a blog circle jerk with me being the cracker...

    I enjoy Die Antwoord.

  2. Okay, Chuckleberry. *evil laugh* *slightly louder evil laugh*

    Can you give me an idea of some good over/unders for you?

    It's either that, or I can start making up stuff. Not sure if you want me to do that . . .

    1. 1st - For the Over/Unders - is it just what I think I'm going to do or what actually happens?
      Above it sounds like just my "thoughts" and reality has no basis in any of this.

      2nd - I'll need a couple of days as I have no real downtime today or tomorrow. Friday will give me my first couple of hours with nothing else to concentrate on.

      *annoying laugh* *snort*

    2. I'm sort of waiting to see what Matt Prosk has to say, since it was his idea. I don't want to hijack it. But how about we do over/unders on what actually happens?

      A wait of a couple of days sounds good. It'll give time for more comments/ideas.

    3. This does sound like a bit of fun, and I'm glad Serge has taken it in good humour. My idea was actually a bit more sadistic in that it involved Serge's lady friend and us guessing about her tolerance levels were for certain annoying male habits and hobbies. Of course this is near impossible to actually carry out. If the joke is to be taken literally, and Serge is game to take part, we could just try to guess at what he thinks his better half's tolerance level is for certain things.

      ie. How many continuous minutes could you chat her up about comic books before she got rude with you?

      or How many Steeler game tapes could you watch before you lost her altogether?

      2 competitors face off trying to figure out what Serge has set as the number. After the competition perhaps we could get a piece from the happy couple including her real responses to the questions.

      What say you good sirs?

    4. That sounds excellent. Since it was your idea, do you want to get it going on your blog? I'll advertise from here.