Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Four Day Weekend? Yes, Please

My four-day weekend started on Wednesday.  In the UAE, Friday is a holy day and this coming Sunday starts the work week, so I ended up with the odd Wednesday-Saturday four-day weekend.  I set up a barometer for my fiction writing for these four days to help me achieve my monthly goal of writing for 50 hours.  I'm keeping in mind that if I can't get ahead of schedule with such a long break, then my chances for completing my October goal will be slim.

Writing baromete over four-day weekend:

0-4 hours: Goal will not be achieved
5-7 hours: Behind schedule
8-10: On or slightly ahead of schedule
11-13: Well ahead of schedule
14-16: Beer --> me
17-50: I am fucking Stephen King

Naturally, I am keeping with my plan of allowing myself one beer for every hour of writing I complete.

10/1: 2 hours of writing (2 beers consumed)
10/2: 1 hour (0 beers)
10/3: 2 hours (0 beers)

Five hours down, 45 to go.  I am almost exactly on schedule at the moment to hit 50 by Halloween--actually, I'll hit it a day early if I keep up this pace.  Anyhoo, I have a surplus of three beers leading into a Thursday, when it would be really nice to get at least three hours written.  If so, I might just finished a six-pack tonight for the hell of it.

Even though I have just started, I have been pleasantly surprised by my characters.  I am trying to let them "be themselves" enough to control the action.  I am just passively sitting back and daydreaming about what they will do next, and I write down on the page whatever option seems the most believable.  Still, I have some vague, distant goals in mind.  I don't know if the characters will agree with me enough to let the story get there.  They have already disagreed with me once, and they won that argument.

In any case, I have three beers in the bank, and that's always nice.

Also, I plan this weekend to get started on Band Wars II.  I have already listened to two albums in the first matchup.  It took a while to make a decision, but I'll be completing that post before this time tomorrow.


  1. If you're Fucking Stephen King, can you get me his autograph one night?
    Either before or after - doesn't matter to me!


    1. Ha you're the second person to say that to me.