Saturday, October 6, 2012

Polishing Off Chapter One

As you might already know, I have the goal of writing fiction for 50 beer-hours this month.  Just to give a brief update, I have finished chapter one for the most part and am just polishing a bit here and there.

Here's where I stand for the month:

10/1: 2 hours of writing (2 beers consumed)
10/2: 1 hour (0 beers)
10/3: 2 hours (0 beers)
10/4: 3 hours (3 beers)
10/5: 3 hours (4 beers)
10/6: 2 hours (2 beers)

Total: 13 hours (11 beers)

I ended up writing 10 hours over the four-day weekend, which puts me ahead of schedule.  If I average a few minutes over an hour and a half per day for the last 25 days, I'll hit my goal.  At that time, I'll probably be in the neighborhood of 15,000 words into the story, which would probably be three chapters.

It is a fantasy novel, even though I've read less than a dozen of them in my life.  And lots of people die in it.  Lots and lots.  I might set the record for fictional deaths in a fantasy novel.  Sometimes I start a sentence intending to talk about what a character is eating for breakfast; by the end of the sentence, he has been gutted.  Okay, none of this stuff about characters dying is true.  Fiction is teaching me to lie more.

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  1. I'm not sure if I'm interested or not, please lie to me some more and try to sway my opinion :)