Saturday, January 26, 2013

Album Capsules--Brokeback


Brokeback and the Black Rock


This straightforward instrumental album--guitar, bass, drums, keyboards--seems to be a soundtrack for an as-yet-unmade spaghetti western.  Mysterious man walks into southwestern town in 1884.  The townsfolk eye him suspiciously as he sidles down main street.  He slips inside the town's only restaurant and orders a super-sized number 3, an two extra crispy tacos on the side, and a large cherry Coke.  The owner pulls his pistol, makes a show of cleaning it, and replies, "We don't serve that yet, Future Man."  Hero drifts out of town, starves in the brush.  This album is as good as the box office receipts of this film, after you count the return on DVD sales and licensing from Redbox and HBO to fill a gap in its late-night programming.  Surprisingly, I can't find any tracks on Youtube.

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