Monday, January 21, 2013

Album Capsules--Everything Everything

Everything Everything



This album makes me want to resume facepunching. So many of the tracks are composed of slices of music that seem to have almost nothing to do with one another.  You like that slice?  Too bad.  It's gone!  Now listen to this shitty slice.  And another shitty slice!  You like that?  Next song!  The band can't seem to decide what they are--a prog band?  a pop band?  Radiohead?  a barbershop quartet?  At times, the lead singer sounds like a cross between Thom Yorke and Guy Garvey (Elbow).  That's the best I can say about this band.  Zero good songs . . . except for "The House is Dust," which is not yet available on Youtube.  It's just about the only song where they don't sound insecure.  I'd love to hear if you disagree, but if you agree, I'd hate to hear that you spent money on this album.