Saturday, January 12, 2013

Playoff Picks from Someone Who Never Watches Football

Despite my disinterest in American football, I am making my picks for this coming playoff weekend.

My advice to readers: take all of your available cash, divide it into quarters, and make equal-sized bets on each of these picks.  You're welcome in advance.

Before you make these bets, here's a little extra info to add to your anxiety.

I cannot name the Ravens QB.
I cannot name the Texans QB.
I do not know any of the star RBs on any of these teams.
I have a vague notion that SF has a strong defense.
I have heard that the Pats offense remains explosive.
I am shocked to see Seattle in the picture.
I have the firm but unsubstantiated belief that any Seattle team is doomed to fail in any true test of will.
I believe that a safety nets the defensive team with two (2) points.
I believe that football is as much of a sport as darts, bowling, and curling.

Despite my knowledge, or lack thereof, I am 100 percent confident that all of these picks are winners.  If I were you, I would begin spending your winnings before the first game begins.

Baltimore Ravens +9 at Denver

Green Bay Packers +2 1/2 at San Francisco

Atlanta Falcons -2 1/2 vs. Seattle

Houston Texans + 9 1/2 at New England

Please note that these picks are not random.  They are the result of the science of my mind.  Have a nice weekend.

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