Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Album Capsules--Atoms for Peace and Iceage

Atoms for Peace



Thom Yorke's new band and new album!  If Thom Yorke released an album of Thom Yorke having an asthma attack, I'd probably give it 75/100.  And so you probably think that at 84/100, Amok isn't exactly hot shit.  I guess you're right, but it's still fun nevertheless.  It has Flea on bass.  It has Flea on bass.  It's so unbelievable to me that I have to say it twice.  I can't imagine two musicians who seem more different.  But Flea breathes the most life into the album, especially on the middle tracks.  "Dropped" sounds like the best--and most upbeat--song that Amok has to offer.  The clip below is only 30 seconds of it.  I wonder how fun they would be to see live.


You're Nothing


Punk music that sounds as messy and chaotic as if it were made by Danish teenagers, because it was made by Danish teenagers.  "Messy" and "chaotic" are compliments.  "Ecstasy," below, is the album opener.


  1. i liked both, thanks!
    but not as much as the latest Quincy instalment.

    1. Cool. Yeah, I like both of these and have been playing them regularly for the last week or so. I like Amok more and more with each listen, especially with headphones.

  2. i had to find the runamok one on youtube because this was blocked by some anti-british beggar (according to the message)

    so i found it on youtube and then started reading the comments. this one is my favourite

    "i love it.
    but it sounds like radiohead too much."

    1. Oops, sorry about the block. It's hard to tell what will or won't be blocked these days. There are so many sites that I can't look at out here.

      Yeah, Thom Yorke is too much like Thom Yorke. I love it.