Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Album Capsules--My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine



Well, here it is, My Bloody Valentine's next album, the first in 22 freaking years.  If you're not a fan of their last album, Loveless, you shouldn't be surprised.  It came out the same year as Nevermind and got subsumed under that album's overwhelming acclaim--even though Loveless was better.  So finally we have the follow up, which sounds in many ways just like Loveless did.  The better parts come when the wave of distorted guitar and keyboard sounds appear to be breaking apart.  This album seems like it wants to leap into chaos.  The not-so-wonderful parts are when you feel like a few of the tracks are Loveless rejects.  In any case, it's a very strong album, full of the band's patented beautiful ugliness.  To get an idea what I mean, check out "who sees you" below.  You might not love it right away, like I'm beginning to, but you certainly could hate it instantly.  This band engenders extreme opinions.  So far, this is the most noteworthy release of 2013.

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  1. always been a fan of this group, can't wait to download and listen to this album!!