Monday, February 4, 2013

Lose Five Years of Insanity

Skimming yahoo articles just now, I saw one that read "Lose Five Years of Insanity," and I immediately identified my first candidate: Colorado 2003-2008.  Then a second candidate popped up: the Sacramento-to-Uzbekistan period of 1994-1999.  For the bronze, we have my undergraduate years (and the year of unemployment that followed) in Davis, California: 1988-1993.

But then reality kicked in and I realized that the article title read "Lose Five Years Instantly" and was advertising an eye cream.

Just my luck.  I see an advertisement for a product that I actually want to buy, but it doesn't exist.

Well the results of the Superbowl are in, and it wasn't pretty.  All of my picks were wrong--every single one of them.  If you followed my advice, you bet every last dime on the game.  And that's your fault.

If you're truly busto, then I recommend enjoying the free things in life: libraries, parks, and sleeping under the stars.

As for the writing I planned to do during my week-long vacation this week, I have opted not to continue chapter 3 of the medieval fantasy story I was working on last October.  I'm going to continue it some other time.

Instead, I'm working on Quincy Capers again.  I found some of the old posts, retooled them, and put them up on another blog.

My goal this time is not to worry about a climax or plot development.  I'm just going to do vignettes of his life until I reach a certain number of episodes, and then I'll call it quits.  I'm not yet sure what number of episodes seems appropriate, but I'm sure I'll know that moment when I get there.

His story can be found at and the chapters are listed in chronological order in the blog archive (on the right side of the screen).