Saturday, February 23, 2013

Album Capsules--Nick Cave, Foals

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Push the Sky Away


Listeners will probably spend more time looking at the cover than listening to the album, but it's a mellow, bluesy effort by Nick Cave, devoid of carnies and other freakshow characters that once populated his earlier albums.  Instead, on the tremendous "Higgs Boson Blues," we hear Nick Cave referencing Hannah Montana of all people.  Solid album.  Much closer to his best than to his worst.


Holy Fire


I don't know what it is about this album.  It feels like it's been supersized by the producers so that the music can fit into arenas, at the expense of sounding so polished, with layers and layers of sound, that somehow the emotion got edited out.  "My Number" is pretty fun to listen to a couple of times.  Aside from that, Holy Fire sounds well-made but cold.


  1. Love me some Nick Cave.
    This song is pretty good, really digging it.

    1. Yeah, I found him late, way too late. This is a really good mellow album to play just about anytime.