Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Goals, in Which I Invent the Beer-Hour

I had planned to pursue goals in September.  I had put up a post about it here, in which I gave a list of five goals of varying difficulty for the month.  Almost instantly after clicking the "Publish" button, I found that I could not pursue those goals for a couple of reasons.  At the time, I wrote that I would put off those goals until October.

Now that October is upon us, I figured that I would revise my goals a bit.  I still plan to have goals for October--well, one goal.  That will be the change.  Instead of a bunch of easy or medium-difficulty goals, I figured that I would aim my sights at one tough goal.

Write 50 hours of fiction during October

That would work out to 1.6129 hours per day, or about one hour and 37 minutes daily.

My original goal would have been 10 hours or so.  After all, I only wrote 1 hour of fiction (or non-blog material) last month.

From one hour to 50.  A big part of me thinks that it is not going to happen.  A big part of me thinks that I need some extra motivation to pursue this goal.

Thus the idea of the "beer-hour."

The concept of the beer-hour is simple: Every time I write one hour of fiction, I can drink one beer.

The beer-hour is an earn-as-you-go system.  If I write zero hours, I can drink zero beers.

When Monday rolls around, I already know how it is going to go.  I'm going to come home from work, get work emails out of the way--at which point I will notice how tired I am--and then start to have what I like to call "Beer Thoughts."

However, I won't have written anything by then.  So I'll have to go back to my laptop, scribble for an hour--or five, depending on my needs--before I can do anything about it.

Naturally, this writing goal is going to absorb a lot of the time that I normally set aside for blogging, games, downloading music, and reading.  And so while I will keep up with Band Wars 2, I will do so at a much slower pace.  For October, at least.



  1. Beer Hour sounds interesting.
    In November I kinda expect to see a post saying something like
    "well, only had two beers in October...."

  2. lol. God I hope you're wrong.