Friday, March 8, 2013

Album Capsules--Autre Ne Veut and Ryhe

Work this week was a crusher, as weeks involving grading tend to be.  When that happens, I end up with little time for anything fun, including blogging.  Still, I was able to pick up a bunch of new music--including the new David Bowie album (!!)--and so I plan to catch up with several albums today and tomorrow, as well as to add Chapter 26 of the Quincy cartoon.  Early in the week, I was able to add of a couple of Quincy chapters, so I'm still ahead of my schedule of two episodes per week.

Anyhoo, in this post, we've got two albums that sound like they could've been made in the eighties.

Autre Ne Veut



The singer on this album is a white man, not a black woman.  The guy has a tremendous voice, which might lead to an accusation of oversinging.  He's hitting good notes, but often they're the same notes from song to song.  Still, he reminds me a bit of Prince without the wild sexuality.  His best song is "Counting," where a chaotic sax beautifully counterbalances an otherwise formulaic pop song with an anthemic chorus.




If Sade entered a contest in search of the best Sade imitator, she would place second to Rhye.  Take the test and see.  Play this album for a friend.  Then ask them, "Who is this?"  They'll say, "Sade."  The only two differences between them seem to be that Sade has had bigger hits and that her music is colder than Rhye's, which contains a warm intimacy that rewards multiple replays.  The best songs are the first two tracks, "Open" and "The Fall."  In fact, Rhye and Autre Ve Neut seem like companion albums, the former about the yearning side of romantic love, the latter its disappointment.

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