Saturday, March 2, 2013

Live Poker in UAE

Some guys got together at a friend's house for a game, and I got invited.  First poker in over a year, I think.

There were five of us.  Buyin was about $50 each, but the same guy got stacked twice in the first four hands, so pretty soon we were all doubling our buyin and the average stack stood at $200.  So nothing major.

I'm pretty sure I was raising preflop the most, and I just kept whiffing the flop, and my cbets were getting played back at, so I just tried to stay patient.

My only really notable hand was when I was dealt JJ at UTG+1.

UTG made it about $3.  ($0.50/$1 blinds).  I reraised with JJ to $12.  He called and we were heads up.  This was the same guy, by the way, who got stacked twice in the first ten minutes.

Flop came J 6 3 rainbow, and he led out for $13.

Okie dokie then.  I just called, without much deliberation.

Turn was an ace.  He led out $20.  I raised it to $55.

He thought out loud for a long time.  He kept saying, "You reraised preflop with pocket threes or pocket sixes?"  He couldn't figure out my hand.  I kept wondering why he was excluding pocket jacks.  Or pocket aces.

Anyway, he called my raise, and then he shoved a queen river, and I called.

He showed ace jack.  Ah, so that's why he was excluding pocket jacks and aces.  Cool.

Aside from that hand, I was pretty much card dead.  But I drank four beers and won a hundred bucks, so it was fun.

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