Sunday, March 17, 2013

Album Capsules--Clinic and Phosporescent


Free Reign II


This is not a good album.  Even worse, it's a remix of Free Reign, another album that isn't good.  In a nutshell: Clinic asked Daniel Lopatin (of Oneohtrix Point Never) to mix their album, and then they rejected most of those mixes.  With Free Reign II, they restore those versions.  So now we have two bad albums.  If you really want to check out Clinic, their early albums are best: Internal Wrangler, Walking with Thee, and the Clinic EP.  I guess I'll keep collecting Clinic albums, but I won't like it.




Matthew Houck, the dude who is Phosphorescent, makes music that is hard to classify.  Lo-fi indie country?  Who knows.  I guess he could be categorized as Bonnie Prince Billy plus electronics.  Many of the lyrics are tremendous but seem overly clouded by instrumentation.  Dude should get rid of everything else and just play guitar and sing.  The album itself will sound like nothing else in your music collection, but I'm not sure whether that's a good thing.  The obvious highlight, though, is the wonderful "Song for Zula" below.

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