Thursday, March 28, 2013

Album Capsules--The Men

The Men

New Moon


The Men take a classic rock turn that sounds like Neil Young and Crazy Horse, minus Neil Young's lyrics.  It's a rough record that alternates mellow moments of piano and acoustic guitar with hammering drums and three-minute freakout guitar solos.  Alternately calm, cathartic, aggressive, and wistful, and spastic, this is the album you would be left with if the nearest psychiatric institution let their most musically talented schizophrenics team up to make a record.  For Exhibit A, I offer "I Saw Her Face," which spazzes out in the last 40 seconds as the antipsychotic medication wears off, and then segues into the sweet, mournful  instrumental tune "High and Lonesome," its peacefulness triggered by a shot of thorazine.

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