Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Albums, Etc.


I've been picking up more new music lately, but I haven't have a chance to pay attention to any of them, because this is quiz week, which means 223 students writing 7 short essay answers each, which boils down to me sitting at a table grading 1,561 separate answers.  I blame myself for giving them essay questions in the first place, but I'd do it again: It's far better than watching them openly cheat on a multiple choice quiz.

Their strategy is as simple as it is effective.  They actually seem to try for the first half hour.  Then when they realize that they can't answer 70 percent of the questions, they strategize.  Someone will raise his hand.  When I walk over and he starts asking his question, the entire room buzzes with conversation.  Sure, I can scream, "Shut up!" but it only silences them for a second or two.  Then another student raises his hand and the buzzing resumes.  

At least with essay questions, their buzzing has a hopeless quality to it.  I'll trade their (forced) honesty for an extra six hours of grading any day.  At least, that's my attitude for now.  Maybe I'll get lazy and surrender.  Surrender in this country typically takes the form of a true-false quiz.

Matt Prosk had a post recently that caught my eye, full of music recommendations.  I recognize and like a couple of the bands he mentioned.  The others, I'm glad to say, I've never listened to before.  I'll have to set aside some time on this upcoming weekend to check the "unknowns" out.

I also enjoyed Mudwig's recent efforts to hit on a Russian chick.

Some music I got recently that look promising:

Rhye, Woman

Youth Lagoon, Wondrous Bughouse 

Chelsea Light Moving, Chelsea Light Moving

Autre Ne Veut, Anxiety

Hope you're week started well!  

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