Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sometimes, A Picture Is Worth Less Than 1,000 Words

In this case, perhaps zero words?


  1. So you are saying that this picture is not worth any words?
    I've got quite a few of them just looking at it.

    For instance, why on earth is this girl wearing underwear? How much more "bass" does the instrument he is blowing produce that it was chosen to bring this chick to orgasm over any other "wind" instruments?

    How am I supposed to pronounce Wasnatch?
    Was Natch?
    Wa Snatch?
    How old is the album for this guy to sport such a manly mustache?
    He has some fucking amazing calf muscles.

    Will he ever hit the brown note?
    Why does she even have an instrument instead of just enjoying what is being given to her?

    What the hell is up with that rug? And the "poster?" in the background?

    1. When I look at it, my mind goes blank.

      But it looks like you've proved me wrong.

      Another recommendation for this album title was "Brass to Mouth."