Monday, April 8, 2013

Album Capsules--Bilal


A Love Surreal


I did not expect to like this album.  It falls under the label "Adult Contemporary R&B."  I figured that if they mean Sade, then it could be fun.  But all kinds of crap gets the label "Adult Contemporary R&B."  Use your imagination and you can come up with 180 examples without much effort.  This album isn't crap.  Bilal normally does guest vocals for other albums, without spending much time making his own.  In this case, it's mellow, "cool" music that withstands--and grows with--multiple listens.  He's the only musician I know that layers his vocals more than Kate Bush.  Neither of these tracks gets mentioned in other reviews, but I favored "Lost for Now" and "Never Be the Same," the latter of which is below.

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