Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nightmare Time?

When things get bad, they get real bad.  That's the first line of a book in the Bible.  Forget which.  But that book was written about you.

First, instead of being down $693 before last night's games, you were actually down $753.  (Forgot to count the vig.)

Then last night happened.  And may I say, last night you really shit the bed.

$1,002 on Nets -4 1/2 vs. Chicago Bulls--LOSS

$5 on Grizzlies +5 1/2 at Los Angeles Clippers--LOSS

You shit the bed and didn't even bother to clean it up.  Time to buy a new bed.  You're down $1,760.  

How are you gonna get it back?  

Even if you knock over a 7-11, you aren't likely to make off with that kind of cash.  

Well, if you can get the money for today's games, there is redemption for you.  Here are the picks:

$2,200 on Heat -14 1/2 vs. Milwaukee Bucks.  Because the Bucks are Canadian, and as Mudwig pointed out, this is basketball, not hockey.

$330 on Celtics +6 1/2 at. New York Knicks.  After the Boston Marathon bombing, the Celtics will have something to prove.  

$110 on Nuggets -8 vs. Golden State Warriors.  Some big dude on the Warriors got injured.  Sometimes that kind of setback makes a team play harder.  But this is the Warriors, who are looking for excuses to fail.

It isn't nightmare time yet for you.  If your teams lose, 7-11s and gas stations won't do it for you.  You'll have to knock over a Walmart near dinner time.  And let me tell you, I don't think that's a one-man job.

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  1. After the bombing the Bruins also had something to prove but they came up short against the Penguins...
    The Celtics will probably fail just as well as the only thing Boston is apparently good at is playing Hide n Go Seek with a crazed lunatic.