Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Album Capsules--Various Artists, Trance Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Artists

Trance (Motion Picture Soundtrack)


It may say "Various Artists," but nine of the 16 tracks are by Rick Smith, a musician that Danny Boyle has turned to before for soundtrack music.  And the music basically sounds like a movie soundtrack, full mostly of electronic music--you know, where a song called "The Heist" is hyperactive and one called "Sandman" (by Kirsty McGee, live version below) sounds like a lullaby (and is a highlight).  The music directly serves the purpose of the movie--and little more.  What I mean is, this is not like the Garden State or the Lost in Translation soundtracks, both full of excellent tunes deserving multiple replays.  This album has a few nice tracks.  That's about it.  And if I had to guess based purely on the soundtrack, I'd say that this flick isn't even worth Redbox-ing.

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