Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting Elected Mayor and Quitting Smoking

I quit smoking 12 days ago.  I used a 14-milligram patch (the middle size, for any nicotine patch enthusiasts out there) for the first week, but I couldn't tell if it was helping me.  The first day I spent walking from room to room absentmindedly.  I'd walk into the kitchen and just stand there, wondering, Why am I in this room?  Then I would walk to another room and think the same thing.

I spent a large part of that first day just walking from room to room and wondering why I was standing there.

I stopped using the patch three or four days ago.  I haven't noticed much change.  About twice a day, I get a strong craving.  About a dozen times a day, I get a mild craving.  All in all, it's not so bad.

I need to always make sure to remember the first couple of days, which are always tough.  When I'm going through those days, I always wonder, Experiencing this degree of mental frustration, how is it that I ever choose to start smoking again?

Answer: I forget what withdrawal is like.

In other news, my brother-in-law got elected mayor of a small South Dakota town.  He won by the basketball-like score of 97 to 83.

Once he announced it on Facebook, I wrote the first reply:

Awesome!  Now you can go to war with other towns.

He deleted it within fifteen minutes.

I have to remember that he's a public official now, with all of the duties that that entails.


  1. Good luck with quitting. I quit 13 years ago. Best thing I ever did.

    1. Thanks. I am using your "best thing I ever did" line as inspiration.

  2. haha, amazing. imagine if he did!

    1. That's what I would do. Organize a militia and attack the nearest smaller town.

  3. I'd like to elect you as mayor to a small town like Henderson or something.
    Then I'll join your army as we wage war with Vegas and North Vegas and Summerlain and Pahrump.
    I'd like to do some undercover scouting in Pahrump for you before we attack and invade though, if that's OK with you boss!

    1. I would go door to door in Henderson, touting myself as the only pro-town-war candidate. And you sound like the kind of guy who would assassinate me after I got elected and establish a dictatorship, thereby taking my idea to its inevitable conclusion.