Thursday, April 18, 2013

Basketball Predictions

If you followed my last round of predictions, which took place during the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl, you bet it all on the 49ers and subsequently lost all of your money, a decision which was rash and foolish.  What were you were doing getting advice from an anonymous dude on an Internet blog and then betting money on it?

By now, you have likely saved a little bit of money.  If you want to get rich, take the following advice:

1.  Don't think

2.  Obey everything I say

Bet half of your money on the Spurs to make it to the Finals.  Right now, they're about 7 to 1.

Bet the other half of your money on the Heat to make it to the Finals.  Right now, they're about 5 to 7.

In the meantime, you should be borrowing from friends in order to place bets on individual games, which I will be talking about in future posts.

By the way, I have not watched a single basketball game in its entirety all year.  I saw part of one game last week.  It was the first game that I had seen in over a year.  I recognized only about four of the players combined on both teams.

All that trivia aside . . . let's get rich!


  1. You've got my attention.
    I'm commando and ready for orders

  2. An easy way to make money? Sure, sign me up!